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Join the team to Take Action. Our candidates cannot succeed without you!

It takes a community to win an election and we need to win a bunch of them to take the states! Whether you live in a state that is already blue, or if you want to take back your own district, now is the time to support strong candidates to make progressive changes across the states. Join one of our teams to get started!

Recruit Candidates

We cannot win seats without quality candidates. Pledge to run or help us discover local leaders with strong visions for their state.

Talk to Voters

It's a fact: campaigns that talk to voters win. Join our team to involve voters and give them the good news that they can vote for progress!

Research Districts

Knowledge is power, and you have it. Meeting places, prior elections, friendly organizations, all are indispensable. Join our research team to compile helpful information on targeted districts.


Too busy, not enough time on your hands? It is okay, you have other things to worry about. If you cannot volunteer your time, please feel free to donate $25, $50, or what you can. We need the support of the American people to flip seats from red to blue.

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