Our Values

Take the State is committed to driving progressive change throughout our country by winning state elections that put progressive leaders into office. We will:

Be Boldly Progressive

As an organization we believe in action and not on rhetoric because actions speak volumes. We are forward thinkers who are trying to help solve complex problems like Universal Health care, Tuition Free Public Education, Environmental Protection and Energy Innovation by electing legislators to the state offices. We listen to the issues that the American people deeply care about.

Be Enthusiastically Diverse

Take the State counts Diversity & Inclusion as a key goal of our organization — our candidates, board of advisors and staff. We are committed to creating an organization where people are valued regardless of sex, age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, national origin or religious affiliation.  We support the importance of the diverse geographic, economic, and family perspectives that are so very necessary in creating a fully progressive movement.  

Be Excited About Innovation

Take the State focuses on ensuring that we are doing everything possible to reach every American.  If one American town is left behind our country suffers. That is why we are excited to use and develop new technologies and systems to help our candidates win.  

Be Fearless in our Efforts

Take the State leads without fear when it comes to pushing for progressive change at the state level. When the status quo does not get the message from the grassroots, we step in to make sure that it is the people that are being heard. We do not waver when it comes to critical issues like climate change, economic equity, health care, the environment, and education. To advance our country, we need to ensure we make the right choices.


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