The Team

After noticing that resources for state assembly candidates are pretty scarce and that candidates were often untrained and unprepared to win, our team came together to to flip state majorities by recruiting progressive candidates to run for state legislative office in republican held districts.

Kelly McCurdy

Kelly was raised in Michigan, a state currently led by Republicans who during their time in power have poisoned part of the state, taken away local representation from cities, advocated for removing protections from the great lakes and halting refugees coming to the US, and who gave us Betsy DeVos. Kelly has family who struggles everyday to afford healthcare and lifesaving medication.

Previously working to protect U.S. citizens abroad for the U.S. Department of State, Kelly shifted her focus domestically during the 2016 presidential campaign to advocate for the issues that matter to families across America. In December 2015, Kelly joined Bernie Sanders’ team in Nevada, carried on through Washington, and then worked with the Democratic National Convention delegations of Michigan, Virginia, Indiana, Washington, and D.C. After the convention she joined the Pennsylvania Democratic Coordinated Campaign as a Regional Organizing Director campaigning for Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ballot.

Rolando Aguirre

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rolando has traveled the country working on campaigns for City Council, Governor, Senate, and the Presidency. Most recently, Rolando worked in Nevada on the 2016 presidential campaign to elect Senator Bernie Sanders, serving as a Regional Field Director in Las Vegas and Tucson, and Get Out the Caucus Deputy Director for all of Northern Nevada. Rolando then served as a member of Bernie’s team managing delegates in Nevada and Washington. Finally, Rolando was part of a project that registered 60,000 new voters in San Diego, Orange County, and Kern County. He has worked in Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington.

Karina Thomas

Karina was raised in the south, growing up in Florida and Alabama, states that have routinely tried to disenfranchise the people who do not have a strong voice. Karina aims to make sure those individuals get a voice in their state government. Being a proud mother, she is determined to leave behind a clean environment for her son and future generations. She also hopes to bring attention to veteran’s issues after hearing what her uncle faced in the Vietnam War.

After working in investment banking in Chicago, Karina moved to California to work with local non-profits – fundraising, volunteer coordinating and advocating for animal rescues and combating homelessness. She switched to focus on politics during the Obama campaign ,where she volunteered in Nevada. She then joined the Bernie campaign in 2016 as the Director of Operations in Nevada and on the National Advance team. After the primary, she joined the National Advance team for Hillary for America.


Take the State is also gathering a Board of Advisers as we continue to grow.


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